It’s a Yo-Yo World

As things in the political arena fluctuate between crazy and insane here in the United States, and Canadians are trying to get their PM to listen to them, central Florida is seeing record fluctuations in temperatures. (The weather is a much safer subject, don’t you think?) About a month ago, while my husband and IContinue reading “It’s a Yo-Yo World”


Well, my goodness, it’s been a minute, yeah? Way too long, frankly, since I’ve written to y’all. My day job has been super busy and in between the frenzy I’ve been steadily working on my new book “A Time of War: In the Words of My Father The Coup D’tat in Santiago, Chile, 1973.” It’sContinue reading “HELLO!”

Hello Again!

Hello and welcome back to my blog! It has been way too long since I posted last. But now that my day job has slowed down a bit and my taxes are filed, I can get back to business talking to you fine people! A few weeks ago I gave the Pastor’s wife of myContinue reading “Hello Again!”

We’re in Full Swing!

I know you’re wondering what I mean by that. It’s this: The Money has been on the market for about two weeks now and is available on my publisher’s website, Booklocker, both print and eBook versions, plus on Amazon and Barnes & Nobel. Unfortunately, they haven’t caught up with the electronic versions yet, but theyContinue reading “We’re in Full Swing!”


I have written a booklet to accompany my novel, The Money. For those of you who have already subscribed to my website you should have received it today. This is a little publication that is good for all situations, demographics and circumstances. Though it is meant to accompany the novel, it is a good standContinue reading “FREE GIFT!”

Publishing Delay

Well guys, I received my copy of The Money and sorry to say I found a major error. It happens – I made it. Better now than later though! I have ordered the change and will get a new copy to approve in 7 – 10 days, then it will be ready to purchase. InContinue reading “Publishing Delay”


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