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What are people saying about The Money?

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The Money by DB Curing takes the reader along while Cliff struggles with the loss of his wife and being a single parent to a darling daughter. On another track we learn how Branch struggles to find meaning with his financial success and personal loneliness. His solutions could go wrong in so many ways, but the author pulls us through the twists and turns wanting to turn the page to discover if he will succeed. These characters come alive as we go from one to the other. 

VLB – Jacksonville, FL

Well Written

I was very happy to receive a new book to read for Christmas. The beginning sounded very easy to “give away” money, but not so easy with all the rules involved. Then the suspense started with “Same Old Blake.” With every page I just knew he would find where Cliff had hidden the money and spend all of it. I enjoyed the chapters regarding the other character, Branch. How he learned to ride the busses and get acquainted with real families in need. Lessons to learn as he enjoyed daily blessings that he had missed out on for years.

Joann B – Colorado

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A most enjoyable read. The author’s husband told me the characters in the book feel like family and I know what he meant by that after reading the book. It’s an excellent story line and well written.

Chuck D – Florida

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A Page Turner

DB Curing’s book, THE MONEY, digs into the depths of the human soul.  For two and a half days I was engrossed in the story which maintained its excitement to the end.  A MUST READ book!

Emma C., BS.,MS – Colorado

Helping Others

Took me a bit to get going but then I could not put it down. Could not wait to see what happened to Cliff, Jamie and Branch. Reminds you to stop and think about the small things and enjoy the people around you. Great story about life.

Nancy L – Jacksonville, Florida

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.”

Philippians 2:3 NIV

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