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Latest from the Blog

It’s a Yo-Yo World

As things in the political arena fluctuate between crazy and insane here in the United States, and Canadians are trying to get their PM to listen to them, central Florida is seeing record fluctuations in temperatures. (The weather is a much safer subject, don’t you think?) About a month ago, while my husband and I…

The Coolest Halloween Costume Ever!

Remember the movie Edward Scissorhands? Well, while searching the internet for cool pet costumes after Sunday’s activities, and there were some pretty good ones, I found this. It has to be the best makeup job on a little kid I’ve ever seen! Kudos to the mom who put together this awesome costume, and to the…

Is it really getting cooler?

Fall is in the weather forecast! The other day it was high of 82, low of 55! Woo hoo! But… this is Florida and the temps have been climbing little by little ever since. I miss living in the Pacific northwest, where we had all four seasons! This time of year, we’d be running the…

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