The Coolest Halloween Costume Ever!

Remember the movie Edward Scissorhands? Well, while searching the internet for cool pet costumes after Sunday’s activities, and there were some pretty good ones, I found this. It has to be the best makeup job on a little kid I’ve ever seen! Kudos to the mom who put together this awesome costume, and to the kid, and the dog, for having the patience to withstand all the makeup!

Enjoy the cooler temps as we slide into fall and prepare for winter and the fast approaching holidays! What’s one of your favorite activities on a cold, blustery day? Curling up with a good book maybe? And what about a great gift for Christmas? Books! I only have one out right now but I’m told it’s a pretty good one!

So if you’re struggling for ideas, my book is just a button click away on my home page to purchase a copy. Don’t forget to watch the video to receive your 20% off code! Enjoy!

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