It’s a Yo-Yo World

As things in the political arena fluctuate between crazy and insane here in the United States, and Canadians are trying to get their PM to listen to them, central Florida is seeing record fluctuations in temperatures. (The weather is a much safer subject, don’t you think?) About a month ago, while my husband and I were suffering from Covid Omicron, we had to bundle up and face the frigid wind to cover our avocado trees. One of them had gotten so big we couldn’t manage it without a ladder and we were just too dizzy to try, so only covered the two small ones. But the freeze cloth and blankets were no match for the record low of about 26° and froze all our avocado trees! One of them is a cold hardy variety too! Go figure.

Last Saturday it was 80°, then a couple days later we had lows 38-40°! Next Thursday, The Weather Channel is predicting a high of 87°!!! I think that’s a record for February, our coldest month! But I’m not complaining; it’s sunny, beautiful and feels like spring on most days. Our Covid has passed, we feel great and tested negative, in case you were wondering.

While I was recovering I was able to put a lot of work into my new book, “A Time of War: In the Words of My Father. A Coup D’tat in Santiago, Chile, 1973 with Commentary.” I am closer to its completion as I edit away, and my heart races less and less while pouring over Dad’s words and the factual references. However, I cannot help but see the similarities between what happened almost 50 years ago in that Latin American country and what is happening today. I hope and pray that our leaders keep a level head, make smart decisions and keep our country safe, because the last things I want to see is more of what I saw in 1973.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding this new project, coming soon to book outlets near you! Be kind to each other and thankful always! DB Curing

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