Is it really getting cooler?

Fall is in the weather forecast! The other day it was high of 82, low of 55! Woo hoo! But… this is Florida and the temps have been climbing little by little ever since. I miss living in the Pacific northwest, where we had all four seasons! This time of year, we’d be running the heater in the mornings, if not all night, and we had to wear a coat over our Halloween costumes, which was always disappointing. Here in central Florida, the AC is still running day and night, and every time you open your door for the trick or treaters, you get a face full of mosquitos!

I love thinking of those old memories, that’s why I’m thoroughly enjoying writing my new book, “A Time of War: In the Words of My Father — A Coup D’tat in Santiago, Chile, 1973 — With Commentary by Daughter DB Curing”

The title is a work in progress, but it pretty much sums up the subject matter. It is full of love and laughter, as well as fear and frustrations, war and rumors of war. I miss my dad, but I can hear his voice in his letters included in this work. Since Chile is in the southern hemisphere, October was springtime, which was very weird. Christmas was in the middle of summer and hot! Very strange, but the memories are warm and vivid.

I hope to have this new book published by the end of spring, 2022. In the mean time, happy reading!

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