Well, my goodness, it’s been a minute, yeah? Way too long, frankly, since I’ve written to y’all. My day job has been super busy and in between the frenzy I’ve been steadily working on my new book “A Time of War: In the Words of My Father The Coup D’tat in Santiago, Chile, 1973.”

It’s a working title right now, but it will be something like that. I’ll let you know what the final is before publishing. This project is a biography of my dad with my commentary and experiences during our time together in Santiago. So it’s kind of an autobiography as well. It will include cultural and political history, particularly in regards to socialism, and a complete transcription of Dad’s recording of the battle to take over the government.

We lived five blocks away from the president’s home and the jet fighters and helicopter gun ships flight plans took them right over our house. Dad and I were outside while he “reported” into his portable tape recorder. Machine-gun fire and bomb explosions can clearly be heard as the president’s personal guards were fighting against the military, fighting to the death.

Downtown, the tanks were firing rockets into the capitol building, which was destroyed. Inside were our passports waiting for the special stamp I needed to stay in the country. However, we no longer wished to stay, but couldn’t leave because our passports were destroyed too.

I hope to publish in the spring of 2022, but it’s difficult to get through some parts, as it is drumming up deeply buried memories of living with fear and terrorism by the military. You’ll just have to read it for yourself to know what I mean!!! 😀

In the mean time, my first book, The Money is still doing well and I am getting positive feedback. It is still for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, all other book venues as well as on my publisher’s webpage, booklocker.com. An ebook version is available as well as print. Get yours today! A 20% discount is available through the publisher. Just watch the video on my home page to get the code then select your button of choice!

Talk to you soon and remember, make Kindness the New Normal!

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