Publishing Delay

Well guys, I received my copy of The Money and sorry to say I found a major error. It happens – I made it. Better now than later though! I have ordered the change and will get a new copy to approve in 7 – 10 days, then it will be ready to purchase. In the mean time, here is an excerpt…

The announcement of an award surprised and thrilled Cliff.  Jaime was especially excited.  He told her about it that night before dinner after he’d called Mrs. Nelson next door to let her know Jaime wouldn’t be coming over.  Jaime overheard the phone conversation as she was coming downstairs to help with dinner.  

“Dad, what did you mean when you told Mrs. Nelson we didn’t need her tomorrow?”  She was hoping the answer was because her dad decided she was finally old enough to stay home alone.  She wasn’t a baby after all. She was almost a teenager!  

“The transit company is giving your old man an award tomorrow, and they want you there.  Plus, they have made special arrangements for you to accompany me on my bus route.  We get to spend all day together riding around the city.”  

“Really,” she asked?  “Oh, that’s awesome, Dad!  What’s the award for?”  

“Math and spelling,” he teased.  

“Da-aad,” she said seriously.  

“Safety, and the cleanest bus in town!”  She gave her dad a wide grin, showing those same straight, pearl white teeth inherited from her mother and threw her arms around his neck.  

She laid her head on his shoulder and held it there for a bit.  She still missed her mom a lot, but he helped her feel like life was not so horrible when good things like this happened.  

“I love you, Dad,” she said into his collar.  

“I love you too, Punkin.  Wanna help me make dinner?”  

They let go of their embrace and walked over to the fridge.  Cliff grabbed the handle, opened the door and stared into the refrigerator.  He’d been so excited about the award Cliff forgot to go shopping.  Jaime looked over at him with this puzzled look on her face.  

He felt her gaze, turned to her and said, “I think I forgot something.”  

“What are we going to do for dinner, Dad?”  

Cliff opened the freezer and Jaime joined him to look inside the nearly empty compartment.  She only saw a pack of frozen hamburger and some chicken nuggets which were so ancient the build up of frost made them look bigger than they were—like little icy footballs!  Though they never ate them, her dad HATED throwing away food—and they wouldn’t be eaten again tonight.  He closed the refrigerator and freezer doors, turned toward her and, in his best Humphrey Bogart impression said, “Put your dancin’ shoes on schweethaat, we’re goin’ to Pietro’s Pizza.”  She squealed at his playfulness and bounced with delight, then ran upstairs to grab her coat.

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