I have written a booklet to accompany my novel, The Money. For those of you who have already subscribed to my website you should have received it today. This is a little publication that is good for all situations, demographics and circumstances. Though it is meant to accompany the novel, it is a good stand alone booklet as well.

One day, if the publisher ever gets the final book to me, and when it is free of defects and ready for issue, you will be able to order it here, at a discounted price I might add, and read how Cliff, Jaime and Branch change their world, as well as those around them by using some of the very principles listed in the accompanying booklet.

Additionally, if you desire, you may write to me with ideas of your own to add to the booklet and I will gladly do so. I will include your name or initials, city and state if you wish, or not. This is a free publication, but the principles belong to everyone!

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