Looking for an eBook Version?

Then look no further! Electronic versions of The Money are available now at most major book retailers. See my website and click on the button of your choice like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Store and Kobo. Between March 14th and the 28th, eBooks will be available at most public libraries and public schools! For those of you who have read The Money, don’t forget to leave a comment/review. With your permission, I will share it on the review page on my website. I’m excited to say that so far, the comments I’ve been receiving are very positive and encouraging. Because most book retailers don’t pay my publisher for four months, I have no way of knowing how many have sold, but I am confident it will be worth the wait!

Remember to drop me an email if you are interested in a FREE copy of my booklet entitled, “Random Acts of Kindness.” As we move through these uncertain times, we too need to practice compassion and generosity, just like Cliff, Jaime and Branch. Remember to make kindness the new normal and be the reason someone smiles today! Blessings!

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