We’re in Full Swing!

I know you’re wondering what I mean by that. It’s this: The Money has been on the market for about two weeks now and is available on my publisher’s website, Booklocker, both print and eBook versions, plus on Amazon and Barnes & Nobel. Unfortunately, they haven’t caught up with the electronic versions yet, but they will in time. You can access all three venues quickly from my website’s main page.

We are also in full swing of wild weather here in Central Florida! High of 82, low of 60-something today. A week and a half ago we had to cover our plants because of the overnight temps of 32 or below! When I woke up, everything was frosty and the birdbath was frozen solid! Our A/C unit is getting a good workout with the varying temps, with some days requiring heat in the morning and cool in the afternoon. The humidity is strange too – very high for this time of year.

But enough of that. For those of you who have purchased The Money, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. When you have finished, remember to drop me a review and I’ll post it on my website and eventually in social media. Blessings on your day!

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